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Two new poems in Prelude

Two of the (many) things that way(yy) too many people, even poets, say regularly and seemingly w/o any thought (as compliments!) and that really irk me are the phrases “Kill(ing/ed) it” and “Nailed it” - which, and maybe I’m a little too sensitive but seeing violence that is very real and omnipresent here and abroad and very intimate and lasting insert itself into the culture and then be regurgitated as language in the form of popular phrases - is just icky to me. And it betrays complacency and a lack of critical awareness. Anyway, I saw a bunch of really fantastic Shakespeare productions over the last few years, one of which involved spontaneous and computer-generated dialogue being read off-the-cuff by an actor in front of the projected text, and I got to thinking, what would/does/will ol’ Bill have to say about this nasty little spit of culture, and so I did some rereading, scouring through Hamlet and Caesar and here now these two poems in Prelude are available for your ahem consumption. 

Read here.

Enjoy and Peace, M.

P.S. Rob and Stu are really rocking it these days.

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